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Screen shot Step 2 - Save your message as template

Bot Timed Messages

Timed Messages-Timer Settings inactive

You can save your message to use it as a template, save it with an
active timer, or manually send the message.

Saved Timers:

This dropdown list will show you any saved messages you have.
A message with the marking {A} has an active timer attached to it.
Messages without the marking does not have an active timer
and can be used as templates to manually send a message,
or can be be set up with an activated timer.

In this step, we will save the message as a template that can later
be used as a template or get a timer attached.

If you wish to create an active timer, please see the next step.

Add timer:

When you have typed up your message and selected the groups
you want your bot to send it's message to, click Add Timer.
A new window will be displayed.

Enter a name of the timer so that you can recognize it later on
in the saved timers dropdown list.


Select wether this should be saved as a notice, a group IM or both.

Anything below here is used with an active timer.


This checkbox is used to activate or deactivate timer a timer for
your saved message.
A deactivated message is perfect as a template, so leave the
checkbox unckecked for now.

Save & close:

The save button will save your message and it will
immediately become visible in the dropdown list of saved

The close button will simply close the window WITHOUT saving
the message!