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When you start the installation of GroupTools, this is the first
screen that you will see.
Just click next.


The second screen will show you our Privacy Policy/End User
License Agreement.

If you accept it, make your choise and click next.


While you can choose to change the location of where GroupTools
will be installed, it is recommended to let the program choose.
Change the path if you want, otherwise leave it be and click next.




You are now ready to install GroupTools.
In case you have an icon on your next button, like the one on the
screenshot, you will get an additional window.
(Not everybody gets it. It depends on the UAC (User Account
Control) settings on your computer).
Click next. If you get the additional window, click yes.


GroupTools is now being installed on your computer.
At this point, you may also get the question to download and
install Microsoft .NET framework 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5.
If you are, agree to it and let them be installed.
GroupTools depends on these frameworks and will not work
properly without them.


GroupTools is now installed and you are ready to continue with
setting up your bot account!