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CC bot Settings 2.2.27.x

Saved Locations:

Quick access to a saved login location.
If the sim you normally log in at is offline or you just want your bot
log in somewhere else, select the location of interest and click the
button "Use".

To save a location to this dropdown list, enter simname and X, Y, Z
coordinates and click "Add".
Leave X, Y and Z empty if you want to save @home and @last.

Sim name:

Enter name of sim you wish to log in at, or:
@home for home location.
@last for last known location.
If empty, your bot will log in at it's last known location.

X, Y, Z:

Leave empty if Sim name is empty or is set to @home or @last.
X range: 0-255
Y range: 0-255
Z range: 0-4096

Operators group:

Used if you need others to be able to use your bot.
Mark the check box if you do not want any group IM's
or notices you send to be sent to this group.

Auto sit on prim:

Enter the UUID key of a prim you wish your bot to sit at when it is
logging in.
Mark the checkbox if you want the bot to sit on the prim again if it for
some reason has been unseated.

Use money *:

Mark this checkbox if you want your bot to be able to use money.
(This is not needed for the bot to receive money.)

Start this bot when windows starts:

Mark this checkbox if you want your bot to start and log in when you start
your computer. 

* Works only with a PRO license