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Screen shot Function/Feature
Bot LoggedIn LeftSide


Current time in Second Life


Current location (sim name, coordinates and maturity rating for the sim)


Your operators group.
Is you don't have an operators group set, this will be "UNDEFINED"
in blue, and the info message:
"You have not entered an operators group yet!
If you need operators, please log out, go to settings and enter the groupn
name or group key you wish to use as the operators group!"
will appear in the log window.


Status icon for Timed Messages.
If you have any timed messages, a label next to the icon will show info of
how many messages are active, how many you have in total and how
many are waiting in the send queue.
The text would look similar to this: "A: 2/10 Q: 0" meaning 2 out of 10
saved messages are active, and currently 0 messages is waiting
in the send queue.



Local chat, group chat and IM's from objects and avatars is shown in tabs.
You can chat in Local Chat by going to the World menu and click chat.
IM and group chat will automatically have a textbox and send button so
that you can make your bot reply to any messages it gets.

To close a tab or see the history, go to the Tabs menu.