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What are the differences between PRO and LITE licenses?
These are the most relevant differences.
More differences are found in the amount of commands y ou can use.
To see the differences in commands, please look at the commands lists.


Functions/features  LITE  PRO
Manual usage of features by interaction with UI or IM commands    
Let others use the bot by use of an Operators Group
Send notices and group IM's
Timed messages **  
Send group invitations
Use Invite Request feature
Autosit on prim (when logging in)
Start and log the bot in when Windows starts
Auto Response
Reconnect if disconnected
Auto accept friendships, notecards and inventory items
Set/change display name
Chat in local chat/IM
Role play
Use money
Modelling and usage of inventory/clothes/attachments


** Some IM commands for Timed Messages are restricted with LITE licenses. The commands are only restricted with IM commands.
The master have full control in the UI no matter if it's a PRO or LITE license.

Scripted objects usage    
Interact with The GroupTools HUD, Hippo Rentboxes (using Hippo+ or HIPPO++ addon script) or Casper let
Make bot move
Send group invitations
Group management
Timed Messages management
Parcel and Estate managing
Send notices and group IM's
Send IM's
Give money or items
Speak/shout/whisper in local chat
Create a notecard (and optionally give it to an avatar)